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The actuator is suitable for industrial plants; it can be used with large diameter 2 and 3 way ball valves and butterfly valves. OPERATION: angular actuators are modular actuators. They are operated by an electric motor  equipped with a hand-wheel for manual control. The travel is limited by end switches acting in both directions or during CLOSING by means of a torque limiter.
The actuators are also equipped with a mechanical limit switch for valve protection.

attuatore-AS tecnico gb

attuatore-AS tecnico2 gb

For on-off or positioning operations
ON-OFF: The ON-OFF version of the AS range actuators are designed to fully open or close on an average of 20 to 30 times per day.
CLASS III MODULATING: With the Class III modulating actuators, it is possible to select between intermediate positions, average of 360 times per day, with a precision better than 2%.


Technical specifications

GENERAL: Basic actuators include motor with thermal protection, gear case, emergency handwheel, connection box, travel limit switches, torque switches (except for OA) and output drive with removable socket.

ENCLOSURES: · Aluminium die casting
                       · IP67 (IP68, please consult us)
                       · NEMA 4, 4X & 6 C.S.A.NTL certified

EX-PROOF VERSIONS: All our AS range explosion-proof actuators comply with the CE ATEX directive and are suitable for use in zones 1 and 2 (gaseous atmosphere), 21 and 22 (combustible dust).
Construction rating:
· Models, AS:EEx ed II B T5  Available on request: EEx ed IICT5 or T6

Paint system:
· Zinc rich primer + epoxy intermediate coat
· Optional polyurethane finish
· Protection for highly corrosive conditions on request
All cover fasteners captive and stainless

IP67 standard :-20 ...+70°C  /    -4  ...+158°F
IP67 low temp.:-40 ...+70°C  /   -40 ...+158°F
IP67 high temp.:+0  ...+90°C  /  +32 ...+194°F

· 3-Phase squirrel cage induction type TENV equipped with embedded thermal protection available         in all standard voltages 50 or 60 Hz.
· 1-Phase squirrel cage induction type TENV motor available in all standard voltages 50 or 60Hz.
· Motors are easily removable with front and rear totally enclosed lubricated ball bearings.
· Motors rated to S4 service (intermittent duty with starting under load) according to IEC 34-1.
Duty rating:
· 30% and up to 360 Starts / hour for ON-OFF service.
· 50% and up to 1200 starts / hour for modulating Class III.

Two reduction stages:
· Planetary system with high speed reduction and excellent efficiency.
· Oversized worm & quadrant gear type
The gears are mechanically irreversible

MANUAL EMERGENCY OPERATION: Actuators are fitted with a handwheel for manual emergency operation.

VISUAL POSITION INDICATION: A dial type window provides continuous position indication even in the event of power supply loss.

Information sources:
· Position: helical reduction gear on main worm
·Torque: the actual actuator torque is measured by the dynamometric balance principle.
Action is not maintained after the motor is stopped. Torque springs are calibrated at the manufacturing plant.
Signalling and setting:
· Both torque and position limits are indicated by SPDT switches, that can be set independantly for each direction of rotation.
· Adjustment is possible at any point of the setting range and does not require any special tooling.
· SPDT switches :250VAC-16A / 24VDC-16A /48VDC-2.5A maximum (resistive load).
· Proportional position feedback signal can be delivered from a 1 kOhm potentiometer or a 0/4-20mA transmitter (TAM).
· Intermediate positions by extra switches.

· Screw-type terminals size 4 mm² for controls and power supply.
· Internal earth grounding post (internal and external earth post for explosion-proof design).
· Double sealing: In Integral+ version the terminal compartment can be isolated from the control chamber.

Weatherproof: 2 x M 20 (max :4 x M20)
EEx e d: 3 x M 20 (max :4 x M20)
EEx d: 2 x 3/4”NPT (max :3 x 3/4”NPT)

STANDARD: all control elements are directly connected to screw type terminals according to wiring diagram S50000.



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