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Temperature limits:for fluids from –10°C to +90°C  
Pressure limits: for fluids PN 10 (20°C)


• The INCAS V PRESS valve has been designed to offer the possibility to replace the sealing if necessary, without replacing the complete ball valve.
• The new patented conical sealing system, allows long life performances and higher flow rate.
incas-extra-K2501• Extension sets (K250) to lengthen the distance between valve and accessories (15 mm and multiple) are available.
• For connections specifications, refer to Multipinza fittings data sheet.

Application fields:
The  INCAS V PRESS valve is suitable for heating and sanitation wall embedded installations. The particular truncated-conical shape guarantees a long lasting seal.
• For connections application fields, see the data sheet about the MP connectors.  

Connections for multilayer pipes:
• Tongs TH - H - U - F -B (Ø16 - Ø20)
• Tongs TH - H - F -B - C (Ø26)

Operation devices:
Knob with rosette (K210) and extension, lever with rosette (K200) and extension, cap with operation key (K204), 15mm extension (K250).

All the valves comply with the regulation  97/23/CE and are tested 100% on pneumatic seal with electronic control.


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