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TOF Multipinza is a dezincification resistant brass fitting (DZR) used for connection of multilayer pipes. Pipes and fittings are assembled by means of electro-hydraulic tools provided with specially shaped jaws. The jaws, when applied correctly to the outer, AISI304 stainless steel bushing, leave a permanent deformation to guarantee tight jointing. The pipe fittings are designed to be used with 6 different tools shapes according to sizes and types shown in the table below:

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• Maximum operating temperature 120°C (-20°C + 120°C: please check pipe maximum temperatures and ensure that pipe and fluid are compatible)
• Maximum working pressure 10bar

APPLICATION FIELDS: Using reliable top quality materials, TOF Multipinza is employed in water distribution systems on drinking water applications.
It is also suitable for use on high and low temperature heating systems, air conditioning plants, fire protection systems and compressed air systems. Please check the compatibility of materials and fluids.

• Designed and tested for use with 6 different pincers’ profiles: U, H, TH, F, B, C (see table E)
• Visual inspection of correct pipe position through special openings on the plastic bush-holder
• Safe sealing system with double O-ring in peroxide EPDM  
• Wide range of applications from Ø16 to Ø63 mm for pipe fittings
• Valve connections available: 16X2 16X2,25 20X2  20X2,25 20X2,5
• Saw-tooth shaped profile to prevent pipe disconnection
• Bush-holder locking system on the fitting body with steel bushing no-loss device
• Fitting with a DZR yellow body CW602N (dezincification resistant alloy)
• External bushing made of annealed AISI304 stainless steel

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