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serie MONOBLOCK A105

monoblock316L gb

•    STANDARDS:  BS EN ISO 17292:2004.
•    CERTIFICATION: FIRE SAFE according to BS 6755 – API 6 FA – API 607. (Only PTFE + CRB)
On request ANSI/API Std. 607 ISO 10497:2010
•    CONNECTIONS:    F/F Rp UNI ISO 7/1 (UNI EN 10226)
      DIN2999 parallel thread
      SW ANSI B16.11 socket weld
      BW ANSI B16.25 butt weld  sch. 80 stds.
•    PRESSURES:     
    SÉRIE 800:         PN64   1/4” - 4” PTFE
    SÉRIE 1500:         PN100   1/4” - 2” PTFE
    PN 160/120/64:        PN160   1/4” - 1” CARBOGRAPHITE
    PN120   1”1/4 - 2” CARBOGRAPHITE
    PN64   2”1/2 - 4” CARBOGRAPHITE
    SÉRIE 3000:         PN210   1/4” - 4” DELRIN (max 70°C).
     A105 - 10°C: LF2 -20°C
     -20°C / +180°C - PTFE
     up to +200°C -  PTFE+CARBOGRAPHITE
     (optimum from 60°C to 200°C).
     -20° /  +70°C - DELRIN.
•    STEM: Anti blow out with anti-static device.
•    OPERATOR: lever. Available colours: black, red.

ON-OFF valve for: high pressures and temperatures in industrial plants, refineries, water and pneumatic installations, steam up to 195°C.  
For special applications please check the suitability of the valve for the process and the required corrosion resistancy using the relevant table.

•    MATERIAL: body made of LF2.
•    Ball drilling.
•    Peek for high temperatures size up to +280°C (up to 2”).
•    Upon request, BW ANSI B16.25 butt weld sch40.
•    Nace MR 0.175 from Bar on  request.
•    Locking device (open/close).
•    Oval Handwheel up to 1”.
•    For further special requests please consult our technical/commercial service.

 sezionato gb

 serie gb

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