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serie HYPRESS with pneumatic actuator

atex richiesta

•    TEMPERATURE LIMITS: -20°C / +90°C.
•    MAXIMUM SUPPLY PRESSURE: 10 bar (8 bar for DNA045).
•    NOMINAL PRESSURE: 5.62 bar.
•    SUPPLY FLUID: filtered compressed air.
•    LUBRICATION: NBR compatible oil to be used.
For further information on the actuator technical features refer to the specific data sheet for actuator at the end of this catalogue (page 348/349).

•    TEMPERATURE LIMITS: for fluids –20°C / + 80°C (DERLIN).
•    CONNECTIONS: F/F Rp UNI ISO 7/1 (UNI EN 10226) – DIN 2999 parallel.
•    MAXIMUM WORKING PRESSURE: for fluids up to 210 bar.
For general applications and special executions, refer to the manual valve.

hipress tabelle gb

hipress serie gb

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